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cumberbatch lives
(gif) Awe, his ring. :)
three women sitting at a table with coffee cups
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two pictures of the same person with different expressions on their faces, one has his eyes closed
Haha, YES! And then you start laughing at a joke you told yourself and... Wait, am I the only one that does this?
there are many different types of boats in the water and one is red, green, yellow or blue
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This motherf**ker is getting paid to pretend to be a dragon. - GIF
This motherf**ker is getting paid to pretend to be a dragon.
a man in a tuxedo and tie walks down the red carpet with an umbrella
Soo, Now I have a Tumblr...
Benedict Cumberbatch
two pictures of a man and woman in sweaters, one is looking off to the side
the man is talking on his cell phone while sitting in front of a helicopter and wearing sunglasses
Far, Far Away Site : Photo Costumes, Fan, Gentleman, Costume, Poses, Moda, Outfit, Actors, Giyim
Far, Far Away Site: Photo
Far, Far Away Site : Photo
a man with a pipe in his mouth is looking out the window while wearing a hat and gloves
The Star Wars Collection | Society6
SHERLOCK (BBC/PBS) ~ Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the pre-Season 4 special SHERLOCK: THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE premieres January 1, 2016 on BBC & PBS. [Click for photo gallery.]
two men in suits are sitting on a chair
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New Sherlock Christmas Special Promo Picture - Victorian style