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a white bowl filled with lots of different types of tomatoes and green peppers on top of a wooden table
All I want for… (Anna gillar)
Half Baked Harvest | Bloglovin'
a bowl filled with olives and herbs on top of a white table next to some lemon wedges
Easy Marinated Olives {7 Simple Ingredients!} - Plays Well With Butter
a white bowl filled with olives and bread
The Most DELICIOUS Marinated Olives
Olives are great, but olives wrapped in a tasty marinade are even better!! |
a white dish filled with fish on top of a blue and white towel next to a fork
an iron skillet filled with sliced vegetables on top of a gas stove burner
Classic Ratatouille
One pan classic Ratatouille full of flavor and so versitile! Recipe dound at @MyMessyKichen__ on instagram
a white plate topped with tomatoes and beans
My other tomatoes salad
a bowl filled with beans, onions and eggs
Easy Breakfast Beans and Eggs (One-Pan Recipe)
a bowl filled with pasta and sauce on top of a wooden table
Eggplant and sun dried tomato pasta with ricotta - Serving Dumplings
a wooden cutting board topped with lots of different types of cheeses and fruits on it
a white plate topped with beets and cilantro
Moroccan Beet Salad | The Modern Proper
a blue plate topped with orange slices and pomegranate
Simple Mediterranean Orange Salad with Pomegrantes and Mint
a casserole dish with spinach, cheese and sauce in it on a wooden table
Spinach Stuffed Shells
1h 0m
an overhead view of a baked vegetable dish in a skillet with text overlay
Briam:Traditional Greek Roasted Vegetables (Video) | The Mediterranean Dish
1h 35m