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four different drawings of various shapes and sizes
stages of drawing. capital / chapiter - LINEAS DE CONSTRUCCIÓN. PROCESO
a stair case in the middle of a room
Design Detail – Random Railings (CONTEMPORIST)
Esta é uma das escadas criativas, do tipo 'faça você mesmo'. O guarda corpo é fechado com elástico preto.
a drawing of an arch with carvings on the front and sides, surrounded by other architectural details
Princess of Liechtenstein
Roman School: "Design for an elaborate arched baroque altar, flanked by Corinthian columns and pilasters, extensively inscribed with directions for the sculptors". c. 1720.
the large cathedral has many windows and spires
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Tours - Cathédrale St Gatien - 2009-2015 Markus Brunetti - Biography <
a drawing of a large cathedral with many windows
ARTE : chaîne télé culturelle franco-allemande - TV direct & replay
061-RAYONNANT GOTHIC, France - West facade of Strasbourg cathedral. The west front of Strasbourg cathedral, was begun c. 1275, by master Erwin, who admired, south and north transept of Notre-Dame, Paris as well as St-Urbain.
the parts of a cathedral are shown in black and white, as well as drawings
European Architecture
The parts of a Gothic cathedral Graphic History of Architecture by John Mansbridge