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a painting of two people laying on a bed
Ymir and Historia art by me :)
a man and woman holding hands in front of a tree with white clouds behind them
two people hugging each other in front of the ocean with clouds and sun behind them
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a digital painting of a woman's head with hair pulled back and eyes closed
Nate Artuz on Twitter
a woman standing on top of a hill in black and white striped pants with her hand on her hip
attack on titan hanji zoe wallpaper
an anime character is standing in front of a group of people with birds flying overhead
an anime character is holding her arm out and looking at the camera with shattered glass in front of her
17yeah@🍉 on Twitter
a drawing of a person with a tie on
Levi Ackerman
a woman falling in the air while holding onto another person's arm and head
I know Connie... I know... We'll miss you Potato Girl! (Art by me)