My brother and sister-in-law just returned from Spetses, which is where she was born before being adopted by an American couple in D. Looks like a lovely Greek island, which puts it in good company!

Spetses island near Athens(george atsametakis)

Intertwined with crystalline and sparking waters, the Greek islands will definitely fill your imagination with mythical and mysterious tales.

Spetses Island, Greece! Loved this place. Not many cars on the island. People were on scooters and horseback.

Chris Stewart: The start of the affair with Greece

Spetses from Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Spetses from Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Arriving at Spetses island, Greece

Spetses island transports us to a brighter Greece

There are no cars on Spetses island in Greece, yet it transported me to a colourful luxury getaway flavoured by Greek hospitality and its inimitable colour