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the cover of evara meaning gift of god's sanki name, written in black
EVARA ~ @artofelegance
a man's head with the words joushka on it and an image of two
an old book with a quote on it that says, the lesson of history is that no one learns
Steven Erikson, Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen)
a woman's hand holding a ring in front of a mirror with the words alora meaning my dream
Name meaning- Alora
the words venattrixx are written in black and white
the title for this book is written in black and white
a person standing on top of a mountain under a night sky with the words yugen
50 Unusual Travel Words with Interesting Meanings
an image of a waterfall with the words alexithymia on it's side
an image of the city skyline with words below it that say selecouth
✿Icons y wallpapers✿ - Worddiction*wallpapers*
an image of two doves flying in the sky with words above them that read,'eternality '
eternity (aesthetic username/word ideas)