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Typo: photography of personalised stationery products - Marianne Taylor
a woman's hand with purple sticky notes attached to it
Being a Creative Director: How To Stay Creative — Amy Shamblen Creative
four hands reaching for a slice of fruit in front of six cans of sodas
New Funding, Viral Videos Fuel Growth for Poppi
New Funding, Viral Videos Fuel Growth for Poppi -
several people holding up books in the air with their hands on top of each other
Bird & Quill by Papyrus: card collaboration with Refinery29 - Marianne Taylor
Colourful content creation for Bird & Quill by Papyrus collaboration with Refinery29. Product photography & styling by Marianne Taylor.
a person's hand holding several cards in front of an orange wall with pink background
color block backdrop
there are many surfboards on the shelves in this store that is displaying their designs
Slowtide | Art Inspired Towels, Blankets & Changing Ponchos
towels and bowls of fruit are laid out on the beach
Beach Towels | Brooklinen
Beach Towels | Brooklinen
an orange tent sitting in the middle of a forest with trees and logs around it
Texture Camp
the roar radio logo with an image of a man on a bike and mushrooms in the background
Fried Cactus Studio