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an embroidered wall hanging with a peacock on it
William Morris
William Morris tapestry: Encompassing Designs
an intricately decorated piece of paper with flowers and leaves
The Morris Legacy • V&A Blog
Working drawing for an embroidery, possibly for a wall-hanging, by William Morris. Red chalk and watercolour on both sides of a sheet of calico.
an intricately decorated wall hanging with birds and flowers
Window Curtains & Drapes for sale | eBay
William Morris Strawberry Thief Crimson Lined Curtains - Various Sizes | eBay
the tree of life tapestry is shown in blue and red, with flowers on it
William Morris Tapestries
Textile artist and renaissance man William Morris designed these gorgeous tapestries for Morris & Company in England in the late 19th century. Click and zoom to see every thread. They give new …
an intricately designed rug is shown in blue and red colors, with floral designs
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earwigbiscuits: 1880 William Morris ~ Acanthus Wall Hanging by William Morris, via
an old painting of a man with a beard and wearing a black shirt, in front of a green background
Arts & Crafts: The Designs of William Morris
Arts & Crafts: The Designs of William Morris - William Morris painted by George Frederic Watts, 1870.
two men sitting on a bench in the grass
Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris | Hollyer, Frederick | V&A Explore The Collections
Pre Raphaelites ! :) their works are being featured in the National Gallery in DC starting January 17, curated by my very own professor Prof Rosenfeld. Check it out!
an old black and white photo of two men sitting on a bench with their arms crossed
Stand Idol or Be Moved to Create
John Ruskin y William Morris
a quilt with many different designs on it
Quilt Gallery and Patterns
William Morris in Quilting: Quilt Gallery and Patterns
two quilts with birds on them sitting next to each other
William Morris 'Friends' made by GinnyMcVickar (sold)
two pillows sitting on top of a couch next to a pillow covered in floral designs
William Morris in Quilting
❤ =^..^= ❤ William Morris in Quilting …
an artistic painting with flowers and birds on it's side, in the style of art nouveauism
William Morris 'artichoke' 1875 'Artichoke' design by William Morris, produced by Morris & Co in 1875.
an ornate design with flowers and vines on it's side, in the middle of a
Design is fine. History is mine.
William Morris, sketch made during Bloomsbury time, n.d.