Make Your Own Fraction Flowers!

Fraction Flowers with Paper Plates

For when they get older and start learning fractions. Learn fractions in a creative way by making these fraction flowers out of paper plates- includes a set of printable fraction circles. This makes learning math fun!

ilkokul ödevleri: 2. sınıf çarpma işlemi etkinliği 2

ilkokul ödevleri: 2. sınıf çarpma işlemi etkinliği 2

Mini jeu pour les enfants... ...

DIY Craft Stick Easter Puzzles - Plain Vanilla Mom Could be for anything! Use the large popsicle sticks to make it easier! If you really like arts and crafts you will really like this website!

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Τα πρωτάκια 1: Ουσιαστικά (Δέντρο)

Τα πρωτάκια 1: Ουσιαστικά (Δέντρο)