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a pink cake with zebras and giraffes on it's side
a group of small toy animals sitting next to each other
an elephant figurine sitting on top of a blue and white striped table cloth
there are four pictures of different animal figurines
Safari Animals cake toppers VIDEO Tutorial with templates
Looking to up your backing game and impress your friends and family with stunning sugar creations? Look no further than my pastry course! In stis step-by-step video course, I'll guide you through the process of creating seven different animal figures out of sugar paste: *Tiger *Zebra *Giraffe *Lion *Monkey *Elephant
a yellow lion figurine with a crown on its head
a small gray toy sitting on top of a white cake
a small white and black zebra figurine sitting in someone's hand next to some flowers
Aplique em biscuit tema safari.
a small figurine of a giraffe and a monkey
a hand holding a toy car with animals on it