"I'd say about of the stories I tell go unfinished because either someone cuts me off or I realise that no-one is listening" 😔 Don't cut people off.


37 Hilarious Animal Pictures Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

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Haz u not seen Jaws?

I agree with the dog even though I haven't seen Jaws I do love the beach and the ocean tho

Please forgive me to being a pain in the derriere...... till next time.

22 Funny Animal Pics for Your Wednesday

..LOL! I really dislike phone calls, but leave me a message so I know what you needed.. hehe.

I do this all the timelike this boy I know called me 2 time and I just watched it go off

Who Called You Bad Dog?

how friends are sopposed to be not them telling you how to live your life . - - funny, Hilarious Meme, New Funny Pic

αστειες εικονες με ατακες

αστειες εικονες με ατακες

23915797_1558433094234034_6847461677312477245_n.jpg (960×767)

23915797_1558433094234034_6847461677312477245_n.jpg (960×767)