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Life in white color
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a white dress and accessories are arranged in front of a large poster with an image of marshmallows on it
"As we work for the greater good, we build happiness for ourselves and others. The more we do for other people, the more the path of our own happiness will open up. In realizing this, we discover a sense of gratitude in being able to help them." ~Ikeda
an alley way with white buildings and stairs
Photo (A well traveled woman)
White is the universal colour of peace and purity. It also projects cleanliness and neutrality. It is often used in logos as reversed text or negative space.
a group of white salt shakers sitting next to each other
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Poupées russes
an empty room with white walls and floor
a white wall with a square window on it
I find beauty in...
the-whiteness-of-milk: “Loren Madsen ”
a white door handle on a tiled wall
Architecture: News and Interviews on Domus Online Magazine - Domusweb
Chelsea, Jean Nouvel, Olivari #handles #interior #design
three white toothbrushes laying on top of each other next to a gray and white checkered wall
3D Product Visualization - Estee Lauder (Signature)
a white tiled shower stall with black fixtures
White tile with black hardware
a white chair sitting in the snow on top of a pile of snow covered ground
two chairs and a table are stacked on top of each other in front of a white wall
You've been Yatzerized
The Trash Closet by Dutch designers Marijke & Sander Lucas. Photography by Rene Mesman
a white wall with lots of circles on the top and bottom, as if it were made out of paper
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Pure white