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a living room filled with lots of furniture and pink lighting on the walls, along with potted plants
Cocaine Decor | @realcocainedecor on IG on Twitter
there are many pieces of bead work hanging on the wall in front of the window
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immagine scoperto da O H H O N E Y. Scopri (e salva!) immagini e video anche tu su We Heart It
an ornate lamp is on display against a white wall with a blue base and colorful beaded lampshade
복식봇 on Twitter
Mohd®Il Meglio Del Design
Geometrie eleganti e giochi di luce ricercati, atmosfere per ogni ambiente e personalità. Le migliori proposte di illuminazione.
several pieces of art sitting on top of a wooden table
My father would place unusual objects in perspex box's. Spot the 4 mops.
an abstract painting with geometric shapes in pastel colors on white and green tiles,
Bespoke and Customisation | Elisa Passino Studio
an image of pink shell tiles that look like they have been made into wallpaper
Ceramic tile layout design idea using tiles from our Eclipse and After Lowry ranges Layout Design, Texture, Tiles Design, Tile Work, Stone Tiles
Orange and blue-grey tile layout | tiles by Smink Studio
a red and white tiled floor with squares
Mini Tile Pattern by New Terracotta
a close up view of a green mosaic tile
ZELLIGES CREATIVE : TRENDY GREEN - Indoor tile / floor / cement / geometric pattern by Ateliers Zelij | ArchiExpo
an abstract tile design with different colors and shapes
Squared tile (reprise) | Smink Studio
Colour me green, colour me blue...  |  tiles by Smink Studio
Colour me green, colour me blue...  |  tiles by Smink Studio
Colour me green, colour me blue... | tiles by Smink Studio
Colour is a question of personal preference, so if you see a Smink Studio design that might work for one of your interior design clients, but you'd prefer it in different colours, you're in luck. All of our tiles are available in all our colours. Think of Smink Studio as your personal ceramic atelier. Our handmade production process and free layout design service mean that we can help you realise the tile installation you are looking for, in the colours you're looking for.
an abstract tile pattern with circles and squares in yellow, grey, and white colors
Tile Pattern Layout by Smink Studio