Never announce your move before you make them.

Never announce your move before you make them. m talkative but my bf was always practising ds

"Hm," I said, "You might have the same...ahem, problem I do." He looked at me curiously. "I'm half demon," I blurted it out before thinking. He blinked. " Wait, are you saying I'm a-"

Dialogue Prompt -- "I don't sleep. My mind has the scary capability of being dark and demented." "You are afraid of your dreams?" "Yes," he said quietly.


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No point

I think you are laughing from heaven at this. I loved sharing my world with you and I loved that you shared your world with me. I miss you so incredibly much! Miss you laura

My closet is mainly's a fitting color for me!

What Type Of Princess Are You?

Black is such a happy color darling! ~ Love this! Love my mostly black wardrobe!