She remains the closest we have come to a goddess in western culture.
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the immaculate mary statue with flowers in front of her and an image of jesus on it
Nuestra Señora de la salud
a painting of a woman holding a baby with her eyes closed and the head resting on it's chest
an image of the virgin mary on top of a hill with clouds in the background
a large bird standing on top of a lush green field
shoebill - looks like a friggin dinosaur. ack
the immaculate mary with pink flowers around her
A Catholic Rose
an image of the virgin mary with angels above her and text that reads el reinador de la santisma virgin maria
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven and Earth
a painting of the virgin mary holding a cross in her hands and wearing a green shawl
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the Virgin
an old fashioned christmas card with a woman holding a baby in her lap and flowers around her neck
Mary Mother of God
Mary Mother of God
an image of the virgin mary holding flowers
Catholic Print Blessed Virgin MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN with Roses SIMEONE 8x10 Italy
Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, with Roses
an image of the virgin mary with her eyes closed
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Ave, Maria Dolorosa
an image of jesus and mary in the wilderness with water, trees, and flowers
France Lourdes lApparition a la grotte benie jai prie pour vous religious
France Lourdes L'Apparition "A La Grotte Benie J'AI Prie Pour Vous"
an image of the virgin mary and child jesus in mosaics on display at the museum
Unique Icons by Angelica Artyomenko - Beauty will save
Kazan Icone uniche di Angelica Artyomenko