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Eva Directioner
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This is no lie my great grandmother saw my wallpaper of Niall and asked if he was my boyfriend and I just laughed and said I wish:)

Haha! If one of my best friends (@kayla mckaig) saw Liam on an airplane she would ask for his autograph, scream, and faint. ;P

" acts cool, didn't work, thinks it's just a dream. Keep on thinking it was a dream and talk to them like a normal person. Then after getting off the plane, faint and die.

One direction Imagine. Daughter's reaction: PRICELESS!!!!  I am laughing so hard. I don't think I should have found this so funny

I laughed like an idiot at this.this is going to be me. Daughter "the curly haired one is hot! Don't you think he's hot?" Harry: "my own wife better think I'm hot" lol

Louis!!! :)

Harry be like poker face! Louis be like let's be cute! Zayn be like yeh I'm hardcore imma make all the girls die out there! Look at my perfect face and sharp jawline!