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It does get better. I love you,they love you. Stay strong everyone

5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm < as soon as Calum started talking i teared up. at Michael's part I started crying. I just lost it. It gets better.>>>>>>this video is amazing.

5sos she's kinda hot

she's kinda hot

Luke Hemmings   he's kinda hot tough Michael Clifford with his guitar ❤❤❤❤

Michael looks like a grandparent playing on the front porch for his grandkids but he's like a hot grandpa that I want more than food. You feel?

A Team M.C. - Wattpad UPDATED!! Sorry for the long wait!

Give this a read please! It seems really intense at first but it's actually going to be a very encouraging story! Love you guy! //A Team M.

Michael would be an amazing friend. Either he found out where to get a ps4 or we just lost Luke

The things Mikey would do. he makes me smile:) omg poor luke😭😫✌🏼️😂

luke hemmings... he's wearing prescription glasses with his sunglasses lol>> too fab 4 u

At first I was imagining this as a pic you took of Luke holding your hand in his and putting it close to his mouth then I saw he has 2 sunglasses what a wierdo ♥


I don't get how people can say oh I only like 1 person from a band. Like seriously how can you like them but not their band altogether ? How can you seriously say you like one of them and say the band sucks or the rest of them suck ?

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Oh god this gif.honestly the whole keek was hilarious xD Im soo happy they are starting to keek a little more often :-D