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white rocks arranged in the shape of a spiral on top of a dirt ground with gravel around it
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Rock’s spiral
four different pictures of rocks arranged in the shape of a flower bed and one with moss growing on it
Rock Spiral Garden
Rock Spiral Garden | World In Green
an outdoor garden with rocks and plants
a garden with rocks, grass and trees
Natures Doorways
Japan garden, serenity, moss, garden design, peaceful
a garden filled with lots of plants and rocks
a small stream in the middle of a garden surrounded by bamboo trees and other greenery
Calm Down Now®
zen garden with bamboo & pond
a garden with stepping stones in the water
Japanese Garden Landscaping - The Zen Garden
Zen Garden
a small buddha statue sitting next to rocks and a white flower on top of it
Zen beauty
a white buddha statue sitting on top of a pile of bamboo
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Silence is the sanctuary of the soul
a small buddha statue sitting in the middle of some bushes and flowers with its eyes closed
This Wishing Buddha Garden Statue is perfect! #zulilyfinds
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of some plants
In the garden~
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of some flowers
This photo speaks of peace without any words at all. This is how I feel this week. Small Resting Garden Buddha Statue - Buddha Garden Statues garden statues
a buddha statue with a red flower in it's lap sitting on some rocks
May 2011 Garden Photos | Sprawlstainable
YES to the ZEN garden!
an empty road surrounded by tall bamboo trees
Bamboo garden - Kyoto, Japan