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Viognier Wine Taste profile and regional distribution by Wine Folly #wine #wineeducation

Viognier ("Vee-own-yay") is a full-bodied white wine that originated in southern France and is most loved for its perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle but can also be oak-aged to add a rich creamy taste with hints of vanilla.

Carménère wine taste profile and information by Wine Folly #Wine #Wineeducation

Nebbiolo The grape of Barolo, Barbaresco which are 2 of the most important wines of Italy (in terms of collectability). This red wine smells like roses and red fruits but upon tasting it you will be surprised by it's bold tannin.

Infografica Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot ("peh-tee vur-doe") is a full-bodied red wine that originates from Southwestern France (in Bordeaux). It is commonly used as a blending grape in the classic Bordeaux blend.

Vermentino Wine Profile by Wine Folly DIT WEEKEND, een succulente van Monteverro op de proeftafel :-)

Vermentino ("vur-men-teeno") is a light-bodied white wine that comes from Italy. What's exciting about Vermentino is it tastes similar to Sauvignon Blanc and is often much more affordable for quality wines.

Sicilian wine, Nerello Mascalese is a light-bodied red with beautiful sweet red fruit and floral aromas. It grows best on the sides of the volcano Mt. Etna in Eastern Sicily.

Merlot infographic

Brandy and Wine. Take A Look At These Awesome Wine Tips. Nothing can make you look more sophisticated than looking at a large wine list and knowing the differences in the vast selections.

Sangiovese grapes

The grape variety called Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine grapes in the world. It is probably originated from Spain, where is widely diffused. Today can be found mainly – but not only - in the south of France, California and Australia.