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Gorgeous XL Pampas Grass
a woman in tights and crop top painting feathers on the wall above her head
𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄 𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐓 𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄 🫶🏻 Watch us create this huge wall piece for @lauraanderson1x in her new home ✨ Who doesn’t love a Timelapse to watch the… | Instagram
two pink chairs sitting in front of a table with a neon sign above it that says hello gorgeous
a glass vase with some grass in it on the sidewalk near a tree and fence
XXL 120cm Pampas Cortaderia Sacuara Pampas Large Dried Flowers Boho Home Decor Neutral Nursery Decor - Etsy UK
grass are certainly eye catching and deliver a wow factor.
two pink and white feathers on top of each other in front of a wooden fence
Xxl 100cm pink pampas wings | salon decor | pampas decor | pampas wall decor | pampas wedding | pampas wall art | pink pampas decor
Xxl wall mounted pink pampas wings . 100cm . Colours can be changed or added please do pop me a message to discuss your requirements .
a woman standing in front of a brick wall holding two large white feathers over her shoulders
Pampas Wings | Pampas backdrop | Salon decor | Dried flower wings | Event backdrop | Pampas backdrop | pampas props | photo backdrop |
Neutral Pair of Pampas Wings suitable as a wall feature or event backdrop. Made on an attachable base that hooks onto any hook or command hook. These are approx 80cm. Smaller and larger versions available Available in other colours if requested
a woman standing in front of a wall with large feathers
Pampas Wings, Salon Flower Decor, Pampas Wedding Flowers, Angel Wings, Wing Decor, Flower Backdrop, Logo Wings, Dried Flower Decor - Etsy UK
Large Neutral Pampas Angel Wings Salon Installation Wedding - Etsy UK
two vases with dried flowers and plants in them on a wooden table next to a white wall
Pampas dried flower wall decoration - Natural plant suspension. PAMPA ecru-white-brown
These unique ready-to-hang creations are exclusively handmade in my workshop in Touraine. Guaranteed success for a wedding decor or to personalize your interior decor. They are composed of dried and preserved flowers and foliage, in particular grasses, Pampas grass, Raffia, hydrangea flowers, flax, amaranth and eucalyptus. Rest assured, the Pampas grass is fixed to prevent it from blowing away at the first draft. You don't have a "green thumb" this decoration is made for you! Maintenance-free, i
two dried flowers on the ground next to each other
XL SET Of TWO pampas & palm swags and arches x2 easy installation
Pampas and palm swags and arches perfect for balloon arches or on use on floral hoops 1x 100cm 1x 50cm Easy installation these are on ribbon ties !