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In this tutorial, we'll turn your favorite t-shirt pattern into a cute swing tee for summer!

DIY Swing Tee | WeAllSew

In this tutorial, we'll turn your favorite t-shirt pattern into a cute swing tee for summer!

Idle Fancy: 3/4 Circle Skirt made in Navy-and-White Polka Dotted Pique

Miss Vivienne Finds the Spot: 3/4 Circle Skirt

Good evening, friends! As with every other Wednesday this semester, Sam is teaching a late night capstone class (The Allegory of the Cave: Rhetoric and Film*) and won't be home until after nine. While I miss the bearded one, this means my Wednesday nights are filled with sewing, blogging, and catching up on The Paradise. There are worse ways to spend an evening! Tonight, and many nights recently, I've been musing over personal style. My thirtieth birthday is later this year and I keep…

Idle Fancy - Appleton Dress - Cashmerette Patterns - Blue Jersey

Miss Lenore is Seeing Double: Appleton Dress

Good evening, friends! We've had a fairly sleepy weekend, here in Waco. On Friday, I was struck down with an autumnal plague, which has been working its way through Baylor. Other than an outing as the sniffling, water-chugging designated driver at Brew at the Zoo, I've spent all weekend on the couch, drinking tea and keeping Kleenex in business. Not one whit of sewing. Fair warning, I'm watching Harry Potter and have taken a lot of cold medicine today. This may be a rambling post. Grab a…

Idle Fancy: Miss Petra and the Rose Clones: Bluegingerdoll Violet Dress

Miss Petra and the Rose Clones: BGD Violet Dress

Good afternoon, my darling wombats! Today, we're going to discuss that most beloved of all sewing projects: the comfort sew. Personally, I am a total creature of comfort. I adore cozy things anyhow, but times of emotional upheaval have me reaching for favorite books, baked goods, teas*, and--yes--sewing patterns. Sometimes, all you want is a happy ending, whether in literature or a guaranteed success of a dress. While March has had some wonderful happenings, it's definitely been an emotional…

Idle Fancy: Miss Petra and the Sailor: BGD Violet Dress

Miss Petra and the Sailor: BGD Violet Dress

Good evening, kittens! Tonight, our beloved Houston Rockets are playing in the first round of the NBA playoffs and I need to d...

McCall's 6696 turned into a half-shirtdress!

Miss Clara and the Seasonally Inappropriate Christmas Dress: McCall's 6696

When planning a dress for the holidays, a certain aesthetic comes to mind. This is the season for plaid taffetta and long-sleeved wool sheaths. This is, most assuredly, not the season for lightweight poplin printed with hot pink roses. No Northern Hemisphere woman in her right mind would sew such a thing right now. Except, apparently, me. I couldn't help myself. While musing on Christmas dresses, this Liberty cotton lodged itself in my mind and wouldn't budge. I've hoarded four yards of this…

Idle Fancy - Style Arc Nina Cardigan

Miss Georgina Changes Direction: Style Arc Nina Cardigan

Happy New Year, kittens! Admittedly, I am twelve days late on that score. There are any number of legitimate reasons for my brief blogging absence, but honestly, it comes down to one fact: I loathe January. Of all the months, this is the one I would gladly Rip Van Winkle through. It's bitterly cold, the holiday merriment is packed up in boxes, and every commercial snidely suggests that I join a gym or buy a juicer. With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that my first garment of…

Idle Fancy: Jennifer Lauren Vintage Cressida Skirt in Poppy Print Cotton Pique

Miss Poppy Makes the Deadline: Cressida Skirt

Good afternoon, lovelies! It's been quiet around here, lately. There are cobwebs in my code and a virtual tumbleweed just bobbled by. The utter silence would, quite rightly, lead you to draw conclusions. Has Mary run off to join the circus? Is she finally pursuing her dream (read: utter nightmare) of traveling the world in a festively dangerous hot air balloon? Oh, I bet she and Sam have turned their backyard into an artisanal string cheese shop! Alas, no. We're all out of grand adventures…

Idle Fancy: Papercut Sway Dress in emerald green linen

Miss Gloria and the Swinging Vines: Papercut Sway Dress

Good afternoon, kittens! This weekend was filled with Hitchcock movies, turning plums into plum cakes, and a fair bit of sewing. After a summer of illness and calamity, we're reveling in the change of seasons. Well, metaphorically anyhow. It's still decidedly summer around here. To quote Stella from Rear Window, "You'd think the rain would've cooled things down. All it did was make the heat wet." My fall sewing list is as long as my arm, but each piece is more impractical than the last…

Simplicity 1873 - Hawaiian Print - Idle Fancy

Miss Gidget Demands a Tiki Drink: Simplicity 1873

Good evening, my dear finicky foxes! This weekend was an exciting one at Chez Danielson Perry. Not only did my younger sister graduate from high school, but Sam and I took her to her very first concert! Laine tossed her cap on Friday morning, then we all saw Brandi Carlile at Stubb's, Saturday night. In between, there were two cakes, lots of visiting family, and (finally!) plenty of sunshine basking. It was an idyllic weekend, to say the least. It was, also, a great weekend to wear my new…

Idle Fancy: Miss Juliet Forgets You Not: Simplicity 1873

Miss Juliet Forgets You Not: Simplicity 1873

Good evening, Jedi sewing warriors! Tonight, Sam and I are celebrating this most momentous of days (May the 4th) by drinking wine, ...

Idle Fancy:  McCall's 7351 Variation

Miss Delphine Meets Her Match: McCall's 7351 Variation

Kittens, meet my white whale. For the entirety of my adult sewing career, I have longed for the perfect button-front shirt. This is, obviously, a running theme with me. I believe in the platonic version of every garment. It's the entire reason I picked up sewing again, as an adult. I wouldn't just go shopping for a cute sundress, I would go shopping for the perfect sundress. Inevitably, I'd mentally design a garment in such specific detail that it became impossible to find in stores. The…

Plum Bamboo Jersey - Colette Moneta - Idle Fancy

Miss Mona Plumbs the Depths: Colette Moneta

Let's begin today's post with an apology, kittens. This is, hands down, the most ridiculous pun-laden title I've ever used on Idle Fancy. The temptation was just too grape great. There should probably be a secondary pardon for showing you yet another knit dress, but you'll find no further prostrations here. My knit love continues, unabated and unabashed. This dress is, quite obviously, a Colette Moneta. It's been in my wardrobe for over a week now, but I was reticent to chat about it. There…

Brazos Tunic in Liberty Carline by Idle Fancy

Miss Veronica Drafts on Potential: Brazos Tunic

Hello there, kittens! After six weeks without blogging, thanks to various travels and a shoulder injury that made sewing hazardous, I have things to show you. Prepare for a barrage of Idle Fancy posts, in the coming weeks. My riding jacket is finished, McCall's 7357 has made a dent in my Liberty stash, and there is a gingham shirtdress half-sewn on my work table. However, first, we must talk about quests. My family is big on quests. It's not enough to settle for the readily available thing…