The purple hyacinth

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two people standing next to each other in front of a full moon with their arms around each other
Purple Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth on WebToon by Ephemerys and Sophism
two comic panels with one saying they will come after you, and the other says it is
the words are written in black and white
an image of a man in a suit and tie with the words william hanks on it
Art by @dryya_
an anime character with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a shirt that says kym label
Art by @dryya_
an anime character with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a black jacket is smiling at the camera
Art by @dryya_
an anime character with long red hair wearing a black jacket and tie, holding his eyes closed
Art by @dryya_
a man in an orange jacket with the caption'krean'on it
an anime character with blue eyes on the cover of a magazine
Kieran Vogue - Purple Hyacinth
an anime scene with two people talking to each other and one person in the background
Lauren and Kieran
two anime characters with one pointing at the other
Purple Hyacinth | WEBTOON
two men in top hats and masks talking to each other with speech bubbles above them
Lauren and Kieran
an anime scene with two different faces and the same person holding their hand up to his face