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Keep dog entertained

Some ideas might be good for your pups. Give your dog “jobs” when she’s alone so she won't raid the trash or chew on shoes. Here's a list of 14 ways to keep your dog busy while you're at work!

Green Agate Tribal Boho Modern Brass Pendant by MySelvagedLife

Green Agate Tribal Boho Modern Brass Pendant Geometric necklace Gift for Naturalist for Her Under 25 Gift Box.

This is one simple way to make a statement with your rings — mix metals and shapes, and stack them all up on your pointer finger. This will give off the illusion of one chunky bauble, and it'll feel like one piece too. Source: Instagram user thejewelryboxlf

Make a statement with your rings by stacking a few on one finger, sporting different geometric shapes, or just piling them on to your heart& content. No matter what type of finger party you choose, you can& really go wrong with this trend.

edgy jewelry. large sized | Tiro Tiro | Portland, Oregon

dearest readers, i apologise sincerely for enabling your shopping habit. but the Tiro Tiro Cercis collection is too good. the Cercis necklace is probably my favourite. Tiro comes from the latin word for a beginner or novice. Tiro Tiro embraces an era of e