I've seen you cry. I've seen you angry but you know I stayed for a reason and I plan on staying for a long time only if you would talk to me the way I know you want to. Fuck I miss you

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Saw your worst and i stayed. At first I felt dumb. But now I'm cool with the fact that I didn't give up on someone who needed me. And I grew from it.

I'm allergic to pollen and social situations.

Paradise on earth. I'm in it. :-) ~ETS

this style block letters running down the side of build like;

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This medication I am on is making feel completely outta body I just want a vacation from myself

b e s i d e y o u // 5 seconds of summer

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Indie style and fashion for women

Indie style and fashion for women

Fucking narcissists everywhere and problematic behaviour

s o m e t h i n g a b o u t s p a c e d u d e // miley cyrus

something about space, dude by miley cyrus

You can say a lot about Matsu. But she doesn't do (Attack) anything with a reason

"I'm a rebel with a cause. If I don't win, I'll feel the loss." -Rebel With A Cause by Silent Rage------------ red aesthetic

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Κική Δημουλά - ...αλλά εγώ είμαι πια σε ρήξη με το λίγο

Κική Δημουλά - ...αλλά εγώ είμαι πια σε ρήξη με το λίγο

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