DIY Album In A Box

DIY idea :: album in a box. small enough for a care package :) and writing a cute memory on the back or a reason why you love them would be a cute idea!

make your own light box

Simply Cooked: Light Box for Staging Food Photography: Step-by-Step but good for minis too.

DIY Photo Light Box by

Another idea. DIY Photo Light Box by lavendersbluedesigns: Save yourself time spent color-correcting and adjusting lighting in Photoshop!

Jewelry packaging

Jewelry packaging pop out boxes - opal jewelry, irish jewelry, jewellery design online shopping *ad

Sheep sculptures

When I'm calling. Telephone Sheep by artist Jean Luc featured in a Frankfurt museum. A flock of sheep made from old rotary phones. The "wool" is made of phone cords. Fabulously creative and if you blur your eyes, they really DO look like sheep!