R. Lalique Ring Long Teardrop

R. Lalique Ring Long Teardrop

Attilio Codognato has made his family’s Venetian jewelry shop a cult fashion favorite with unique pieces inspired by symbols of death, like this scull ring. Such is the connection with his creations that the 76-year-old jeweler is known for refusing to sell to customers he feels are looking for a quick investment. He has also turned down an offer to open a branch in New York

Attilio Codognato has made his family’s Venetian jewelry shop a cult fashion…

Queen Victoria’s serpent engagement ring. A snake was the symbol of eternal love, the emerald was her birthstone.

Queen Victorias engagement ring--the snake was symbolic for eternal love and emeralds were her birthstone which was often used in Victorian engagement rings

Finger ring 1st Century AD Roman (Source: The British Museum)

ancientpeoples: “ Roman Finger Ring Century AD Silver ring ending in snake heads with gold eyes.

17th or 18th century poesy ring.....22k gold....."TIME SHALL TELL I LOVE YOU WELL"....

"Time Shall Tell I Love You Well" Antique Poesy Ring Our wedding bands.simple, thick gold, and lasting.

Art Nouveau jewellery. Wilhelm Lucas von Cranach (1861-1918)

Sapphire and gold snake ring with gothic lettering, by Wilhelm Lucas von Cranach.

Gold poesy ring.....17th century..."YOURS IN HEART TILL DEATH DEPART"......

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c. 1706-1721 Gold posy ring engraved with 2 intertwined hearts.

Gold posy ring with two inscribed hearts and a maker's mark on the interior. The exterior decorated with five horizontal incised lines.

Gold posy ring  Inscription: AMOR VINSIT OMNIAE 'Love Conquers All'

late - early century Gold posy ring with inscription: AMOR VINSIT OMNIAE Inscription Comment: This translates as 'Love conquers all'.

Renaissance Unicorn Ring

Ring of gold, enamel and diamonds. In the middle by a diamond crowned heart between a white unicorn and a woman dressed in blue, Italy, ca 1550 - 1600