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Ed Sheeran

Tenerife Sea-Ed Sheeran. Another beautiful song from Ed Sheeran! I'm absolutely adoring his new album. my favorite songs are one and I'm a mess

Don't we all...

My heart ~N~ mind hurt right now. my children being top alwayz ~N~ as it should be. my boyz are at a cross roads in their lives. heart feelz like its about to break!


Impossible d'oublier les démons du passé qui, par la pensée, ne font que nous torturer The worst feeling In the world is when You can't love Anyone else, Because your Heart still belongs To the one who Broke it.

A note to my younger self. Love should be something that comes from the overflow of one's self. of one's self-love.

That could be a good and bad thing...

That could be a good and bad thing. Because they leave as fast as they came into your life with no explanation as to why ! I loved no one more and the pain will be with me for a lifetime !

Μ' αρεσει να κοιμαμαι. Ξεχναω τα προβληματα, το αγχος κι εσενα ...για λιγο.!

you can only tell what you really feel when you're sleeping or when you're drunk.

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Σύνδεσμος ενσωματωμένης εικόνας