Greek artists

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el greco paintings | El Greco, The Holy Family with Mary Magdalen , about 1590 to 1595 ...
'Meeting' (aka "The Pink Sailor') by Greek painter Yannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989). via Greek Islands
The Entombment of Christ - El Greco
The Four Seasons (detail) 1969 by Yannis Tsarouchis
τσοτσωνης βλασιος
New portrait with white shirt (1948) by Yannis Tsarouchis
Γιάννης Τσαρούχης - Άνοιξη, 1970
The thinking, 1936 by Yannis Tsarouchis.
Αλέκος Φασιανός
Παναγιώτης Τέτσης. Γυναίκα της Ύδρας