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the eiffel tower is in the distance as cars are parked on the street
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cars are parked in front of the arc de trioe, which is also part of the arc de trioe
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people are walking down the street in front of an old building with a clock on it
Taormina, Sicily
the inside of a glass building with stairs and people walking around in front of it
5 razones para visitar París
people are standing in front of the glass pyramid
a bed sitting in front of a window next to a tall building with lots of windows
the eiffel tower is lit up at night
the view from an apartment building in paris
a busy city street at dusk with cars and people crossing the street in front of buildings
the inside of a glass building with a spiral stair case in it's center
France - Paris - Louvre - Portrait
the eiffel tower is seen through two open windows on a boat in the water