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a woman laying on the ground next to a plate
spirited away 🤩👀
an animated image of two cats sitting at a desk in front of bookshelves
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a woman standing in front of a window next to a bike and potted plant
Studio Ghibli: 5 essential films
Studio Ghibli: five essential films | BFI
an animated image of two people holding baseball bats
a woman with long blonde hair standing in the woods looking at something behind her back
Erinnerungen an Marnie
Erinnerungen an Marnie Film (2014) · Trailer · Kritik ·
a young man wearing a hat and carrying a bag
two people sitting at a table with an open book
Studio Ghibli e affini: tutti i libri, manga e racconti cui sono ispirate le opere
a young man standing in front of a body of water
a man playing the violin in front of a window
༄ Whisper of the heart Icons
an anime character is standing in front of a castle and looking at her cell phone
a woman standing on top of a lush green field holding an umbrella next to easels