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a white mushroom growing on the side of a tree
Favolaschia pustulosa
Favolaschia pustulosa
an image of the inside of a window with vines growing out of it and light coming from behind
Ida Lissner - Coeval Magazine
a close up of a piece of cloth with a hat on it's head
Stinkhorn fungus (Phallus indusiatus)
Stinkhorn fungus (Phallus indusiatus) | Thanks to Susanne so… | Flickr
a heart shaped decoration hanging on a wall
~ February Again ~
Notforgotten Farm : ~ February Again ~
sarah(@sar2hs) on TikTok: it's tomorrow :) if u make one i wanna see !! #filmphotography #tiktokp...
an altered photograph of a man's face with multiple pieces of meat on it