Fotografía: Palumbo

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Jack Kerouac
Jane Fonda
Miles Davis
Jean Patche
Tom Palumbo in the early years.
Grace Kelly
Mia Farrow
Anne St. Marie
Modelo en New York

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Surf and sand.
Surfer, Northern California, Waves, Surf
Random Pictures Of The Day – 35 Pics
Bald Hills, part of Redwood National Park during a spectacular lupine bloom
Kneeland, Humboldt County, CA
Humboldt County
1964 Studebaker Cruiser.... My first car, only painted "Lipstick Red"!!
Swami’s Surfboards II by Christopher Wilson
Shot on location at Museu do Ipiranga in Sao Paulo, Brazil; photo for fashion 360 Mag by Gabriela Camerotti; Model is Kéroly Gritti; Clothes, bags and acessories were all designed by Paula Ribeiro; You can see more at: