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Guido Reni, Apollo e Marsia, cm 230x172

Da Donatello a Guido Reni, il Rinascimento torna in mostra a Firenze

“Transi de René de Chalon,” Ligier Richier, 1547 in Bar-le-Duc, France

"Transi de René de Chalon," Ligier Richier, I know some may find this gruesome, and it is, but there's images of Jesus nailed to a cross & no one blinks an eye. Transi de René de Chalon is an "example of how transient earthly glory is.

Beautifully draped sculpture at cemetary

Zentralfriedhof statue in Vienna - It blows my mind that this is a piece of stone and it still looks like a veil covering a face. Many years ago it was something of a test of skill for a sculptor to create a veiled face. This is one of the absolute best.

Oil painting process, by Maximos M D C #oil #painting #art #classic #creation #colour #underpainting #sketch

Oil painting process, by Maximos M D C

Celebrated: Caravaggio was one of the most influential painters of his time. This picture shows his 'Beheading of St John the Baptist' hanging at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral in Malta

Experts question claims that 100 more works by artist Caravaggio have been unearthed