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a large wooden structure sitting on top of a parking lot next to tall buildings in the background
Metropol Parasol. Designed by Jürgen Mayer Located in Seville, Spain📍🇪🇸 📷: @bmseventh #artsytecture
an apartment building with many windows and plants growing on the balconies at night
H&P architects creates tiered home in vietnam with stepped back terraces
H&P architects has completed a large residence featuring accessible platforms that integrate urban farming as a basis for sustainable development.
an architectural drawing of a house with plants growing on the roof and stairs leading up to the second floor
Gallery of Split-Level Homes: 50 Floor Plan Examples - 54
Gallery of Split-Level Homes: 50 Floor Plan Examples - 54
an image of a house that is connected to the ground with wires and air conditioning
Gallery of Terraces Home / H&P Architects - 28
Gallery of Terraces Home / H&P Architects - 28 #sustainablearchitecture
an unusual house on the side of a hill covered in green plants and grass, with stairs leading up to it
These Hobbit-like homes in Japan are a lesson in sympathetic design
Greendo apartment complex Japan
an aerial view of a house with many trees and plants on the roof, surrounded by greenery
Hoan House Features a Roof Garden in Vietnam | Home Design Lover
Planning to have a garden but there isn't space? Look at what the designers did to this home.
an artist's rendering of a wooden structure with plants growing in it
Garden Landscaping Painting - SalePrice:18$
Landscape Gardening Omagh. Landscape Gardening Jobs Edinburgh despite Landscape Gardening Lichfield
an outdoor garden with steps leading up to the grass
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43+ Creative Garden Design Ideas Sloping Gardens #GardenDesign #SlopingGardens
an image of a garden being displayed on the instagram page for people to see
25 Inspiring Pallet Garden And Furniture Ideas - The Self-Sufficient Living
Garden on hill...with a slide...awesome, saving this in case we end up with a hill in the backyard when we buy a house
two pictures side by side, one with plants growing on the roof
This House In London Is Covered In A Unique Terraced Green Roof
This green roof on a home in London, has a series of terraced stainless steel planters filled with over 800 plants.
a green roof with many plants growing on the sides and rocks in the bottom half
Gallery of Garden House / Hayhurst and Co. - 24
Gallery of Garden House / Hayhurst and Co. - 24
the green roof is covered in plants and grass
Cornwall Gardens is a huge family home with a stepped garden on its roof
Cornwall Gardens by Change Architects in Singapore