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four pieces of colored lego blocks on a wooden table
duplo pattern. Children use a pattern template on paper and create the same pattern using Lego or unifix cubes.
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of magnets in a basket with paper cut outs
2D Shapes Game
¡Cucú! Realizar y hacer .: 2D Formas Juego
a child is playing with colored blocks on the paper that they are using to make
Аня Романова
a tray with pens, markers and pencils in it on a wooden table next to a cup
follow everyday
Love this website where the mom creates different projects in a tray for her toddler for "Tot School".
a wooden table topped with lots of cups filled with magnets and numbers on them
DIY - 'Spindle Box'
Counting and number recognition with nature ≈≈.
a paper plate clock that is on the ground
DIY Sundial
DIY Sundial