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Our special report offers a rare look at life beneath the frozen continent—where penguins, seals, and exotic creatures thrive.

explores the vibrant underwater world of Antartica with photographer Laurent Ballesta Climate warming is melting the ice caps and we need to take action to save these beautiful animals.

Το προφίλ του Ευτυχισμένου Ανθρώπου

Το προφίλ του Ευτυχισμένου Ανθρώπου


The Story of the Astrolabe, the Original Smartphone - Prosperous times likely paved the way for this multifunctional device, conceptual ancestor to the iPhone

Best Books of the 21st Century Infographic <-- My biggest problem with this list is that their "popular" fiction is still pretty darn "literary"

Educational infographic & Data 100 Best Books of the Century Infographic. Image Description 100 Best Books of the Century Infographic

Share Tweet Pin Mail First impressions matter, right? Well, the first line of a book is one way to make (or break) a great ...

These 34 Opening Lines From Iconic Novels Display The Art Of The Hook

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Gene therapy restores hearing in deaf mice, down to a whisper: Improved delivery vector better penetrates the inner ear, also restores balance in a mouse model of Usher syndrome -- ScienceDaily

I am a reader and I have lived a thousand lives

I am a reader and I have lived a thousand lives

Bionic eye will send images direct to the brain to restore sight

A blind Australian is to have their vision restored with bionic eyes that send images straight into the brain using smart glasses and brain implants

Challenge accepted!

Great mix of classic and modern ~ I need to read 23 on the list ~ Goodreads 100 Books You Should Read in a Lifetime

A cat walking along in the desert, cute, sandy coloured with some stripes on its legs

Arabian sand cat (Felis margarita harrisoni) The nocturnal felines are notoriously elusive.