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the table is set with colorful plates and bowls, purple flowers in blue vases
Winner of 'Kaffe Fasset Quilts: Shots and Stripes' !
a red tomato in a black bowl on a striped table runner
Stitched, Patched and Quilted Table Runner
a colorful purse sitting on top of a wooden table
Time for some Teesha Moore fabric crafts again
several pieces of colorful fabric laid on top of each other with strings attached to them
Stitching my mini (no, not a euphemism)
a close up of a rug on a white surface with blue and brown squares in the middle
Remnant #12
a close up of a piece of art made out of different colored squares and strips
Remnant #2 - Detail
two spools of thread sitting on top of a colorful quilt
a close up of a piece of art made out of paper and buttons on fabric
The Maker's Stash - Slow Stitching Soothes the Soul - English Paper Piecing
a multicolored wall hanging made out of strips of paper
Creative Journey Studios
a colorful quilt is on the table next to a chair and sewing machine in front of it
How Do It on Twitter