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the 6 basic phonicic rules for powerpoint below is shown in red and blue
These materials are evidence based and have been found to be effective with at-risk and typical learners, including very young toddlers, kindergarten and preK classrooms, articulation, children with language delays, learning disabilities, AAC users, children with dyslexia, or anyone who benefits from Visual Cues for learning
Phonic Rules, Common Core State Standards
a drawing of a man running while holding a cell phone
This Is The Best Video I’ve Seen On Perseverance & Resilience: “There’s no dishonor in having a disability”
a stack of plastic drawers with numbers on them
WORK BOXES - Have one for each student, when they finish their work they can go to their work box and pull out things to work on that the teacher has placed in there. (lets the teacher assign different things for the student/if they need extra practice in an area) - DIFFERENTIATION!
the word bd is written in red and green on a black background with two hands
The B-D Song - for young children with letter reversals
The B-D Song - for young children with letter reversals. I use this video clip often with my kinders to give them hands-on tools to help with b and d. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips