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an open door leading to a dining room with a table and two chairs in it
Pro Panel: Three UK Experts on Connecting Indoors and Outdoors
a bed with white sheets and colorful glass panels on the wall
Hotel Damier - Verhamme + De Vel Architecten
Hotel Damier - Verhamme + De Vel Architecten : Verhamme + De Vel Architecten
an art deco glass paneled wall with circular designs on the front and back panels
BULLES | Atelier Saint Didier - Vitraux d'art décoratif
a room with wooden floors and lots of glass blocks on the wall behind it, as well as an open door
店舗の間仕切りにデザインガラスの「モールガラス」を使用した事例 (北海道札幌市 K社様)
a wooden table topped with a lamp next to a book shelf filled with lots of books
The Barcelona home of Miquel Alzueta and África Posse - IN/OUT | Living a beautiful life
a white table and chairs in a room
Se stilen @mortilmernee har fundet ro i efter utallige forandringer de seneste år
Boligreportage hjemme hos @mortilmernee |
a collage of photos showing different rooms and furniture in various styles, colors, and sizes
Global Recycling: Old Globes Upcycled
Global Recycling: Old Globes Upcycled
a kitchen with pink walls and wooden furniture in the foreground is a dining table
Decostore - Casa & Decoração | Qualidade e design de verdade
50 tons de rosa na decoração - O rosa na decoração é interessante por sua versatilidade, agrada homens e mulheres e seus diversos tons combinam facilmente com diferentes cores e materiais → DECOSTORE. rosa na decoração. #decostore
a living room filled with furniture and wooden walls
10 Favorites: The Unexpected Appeal of Plywood - Remodelista
House of Davor Popadich - plywood + concrete = nice combo. Bi-fold window is a nice idea also.
a baby's room with wooden walls and drawers
Gallery of Flinders Lane Apartment / Clare Cousins - 11
Image 11 of 14 from gallery of Flinders Lane Apartment / Clare Cousins Architects. Photograph by Lisbeth Grosmann