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a white toilet sitting next to a window in a bathroom
The Doors, Again. | Daniel Kanter
Applying fabric with cornstarch on glass for privacy... way classier than film
a kitchen with white cabinets and a window above the sink that has a potted plant in it
Fresh Farmhouse
Fresh Farmhouse DIY-Home-Decor-Design-Ideas-Projects Oregon Real Estate
a kitchen window with the words home above it
26 Clever Small Kitchen Ideas to Make the Most of Every Inch
A rustic window adds a touch of vintage style.
two pictures of curtains hanging on the side of a window
CURTAINS :: Hang curtains the new way! Scrap wood from an old bench, cheap hooks from Home Depot & sheer curtains from IKEA| #oliveandlove
a white table and bench in a room with pictures on the wall behind it,
5 Ways to Create Small Space Dining Areas
5 Ways to Create Small Space Dining Areas
a living room with white walls and wooden floors
5 Ways to Create Small Space Dining Areas
5 Ways to Create Small Space Dining Areas | The Everygirl
the different types of succulents are shown in this image, with their names
Different types of succulents.
a person is cutting leaves with scissors on a plant that's ready to be cut
13 Amazing Aloe Vera Plant Uses
Aloe Vera has a huge number of benefits, it is used in many beauty products. The leaves are pointed and spongy because they are filled with the precious aloe gel. You can easily split open the leaf to scrape out the gel with the help of a spoon.
a potted plant with the words 7 reasons your succulents are dying
7 Reasons Your Succulents are Dying
Reasons Your Succulents are Dying
aloe vera plant care and growing tips for beginners to learn how to grow it
Aloe Vera Plant Care & Complete Growing Guide - Get Busy Gardening
Aloe vera is a very popular plant that is best known for the healing qualities of the gel. Given the proper aloe vera plant care, these amazing plants can live for many years.
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Aloe Vera
We started growing little aloe vera plants here at the GHC office. We love it! Here's our beginner's grow guide.
a bottle of bug repellents sitting on top of a table next to candles
Our tips for today help to banish and repel Earwigs. Harmless to humans but big trouble for plants, they can be a real pain if they get indoors. They always seem to find your favourite plant don't they! Learn how to control them the natural way :)
a white book shelf with books on it
Dolle Domino Floating Shelf - White
Dolle Domino Floating Shelf – White : Target
some books are sitting on a shelf with rope hanging from the top and two cacti
Rope Shelving Project ... Poppytalk