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a crocheted stuffed animal next to a small turtle
Turtle Toy pattern by Kj Hay
Turtle crochet pattern... link for the pattern:
a crocheted owl sitting on top of a stuffed animal with green eyes and an orange beak
Free Crochet Toy Patterns
Free Crochet Toy Patterns
a crocheted deer with bells on it's head | parked domain
Bambi, Free pattern
a crocheted cow sitting on top of a blanket
La vaca Clara
Amigurumi Cow - FREE Crochet Pattern and Tutorial.... adorable!!
a crocheted panda doll sitting on top of a black table next to a white wall
Free Amigurumi Patterns on
Spanish | Free Amigurumi Patterns | Page 2
three crocheted caterpillars sitting on top of a window sill
Free Amigurumi Patterns on
A Very Hungry Caterpillar
a crocheted stuffed monkey sitting on top of a blue blanket
Monkey | Free Amigurumi Patterns
crocheted hello kitty keychain with pink dress
Free Amigurumi Patterns on
Easy pattern | Free Amigurumi Patterns | Page 7
a crocheted teddy bear sitting in front of a window
Heegeldatud kaisukaru pojale/Crochet teddy bear for my son
Crochet teddy bear
there are many toy trains on the grass
Choo Choo Train
Choo Choo Train - free crochet pattern
a crocheted bunny is standing in front of a floral wallpaper with flowers
Amigurumi Bunny
Amigurumi Bunny
a crocheted bunny doll laying on top of a white fur covered floor next to other stuffed animals
Lil' Baby Unicorn pattern by Rachel Hoe
Lil' Baby Unicorn ~ Free Pattern