Paxos Island , Greece

Paxos Island Ionian Sea Greece

Waterfront with red tiled roofs and boats on blue Mediterranean, Lakka, Paxos island, Ionian, Greece

Voutoumi, Antipaxos Island (Ionian), Greece

Voutoumi, Antipaxos Island (Ionian), Greece snorkeled- swam and climbing to the top for a photo like this where there was a cute restaurant overlooking this bay

Antipaxoi, Greece

Anti Paxos is famous for its renowned beaches, among which Voutoúmi, with its exotic turquoise waters, is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Paxoi. The Greek islands are fantastic! A must see.

Beaches in Greece consistently get the highest ratings in the EU Blue Flag ranking system. This one is Paxoi Island, Greece

Antipaxoi Island, Ionian Sea Greece JAN 2013

stairs leading to the bluest blue, Voutoumi, Antipaxos, Greece. We took our boat here from Corfu on our honeymoon. So beautiful.