Golden Beach, Thassos

Golden Beach, Thassos, popped over for a couple of days, maybe 2012 : summer

The Best Places to Eat in Thassos Greece

Thassos, Greece... Ssshhh! It's a secret

The Best Places to Eat in Thassos Greece - a small island with a lot of culture, and plenty of good food on offer.

Natural pool Giola, Thasos

Thassos, Greece // Giola lagoon is a beautiful natural lagoon, it is like a swimming pool beautifully carved into the rocks.

Simi Restaurant, Sea Food Restaurant, Limenas, Thassos -

Built on the old port of Thassos, timeless and welcoming, “Simi”, the most known restaurant of the island, honours the culinary tradition of Greece since 1952 and focuses on quality and fine tastes.