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Creative use for an empty container? 🪴 #Art #artsy #artsandcrafts #artcraft
a woman is painting an elephant on a white jug
Jessica Coch - Great recycling 😛😛😛.. | Facebook | Artesanato de garrafa, Artesanatos fáceis, Artesanato reciclavel
a potted plant with a face made out of corn on the cob attached to it
Idea Hut - Some ideas to decorate the garden with...
Idea Hut - Some ideas to decorate the garden with...
the instructions for how to make clay with pictures on it and text below that reads, how to make clay homemade recipes air hardening modeling clay
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paper mache diy air dry clay beads | Pinned by Nessa Hurst Trending Craft Ideas Using Paper Mache A
a painting of a cat on a purple background
Cat painting
three cats are sitting on top of a blue wall hanging plaque that says love with the cat's head in the center
two cats sitting on top of each other in front of a sign that says good and me
Pin by Mara Pires on Silvana Coppola | Whimsical art, Rock crafts, Diy canvas art
two pictures showing the same beaded necklace
RJ Design Hut: Tutorial: How to Make a Chinese Jade/Stone Bracelet with a Sliding Extender - It's so easy! (Part 2)