I like!!!☺☺

Air brushed but amazing shot - smooth skin palette, pale lips, smokey grey, black and brown eye makeup, fake lashes & blue eyes.

I like!!☺

Believe it or not, there are a few makeup tricks that can help you to make your face look thinner. I’m always looking for different makeup tricks and I’ve already learned many ways on how to make a face appear thinner that really work.


10 Times Disney Totally Blew Our Minds. Have you ever noticed how many Disney movies are present in this The Incredibles family photo? The Finding Nemo tiki is on ElastiGirl and Dash's clothes. Monsters, Inc. is on Mr Incredible's shirt!

A quite interesting post about Toe Nail Art Design & Ideas,i must say you guys will love these creative pedicure nail art work.Now Feet are also an important

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Today I have some super gorgeous SPARKLY nail polishes to share with you. These are exclusives by Colores de Carol and .

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Real Nail Polish Strips LOVE these things! Very easy to use! Manicure stays looking nice for a very long time!

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Ενα απο ολα

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