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I believe that we are spiritual essence in a physical body. People call this spiritual essence energy, but I think there is more to it than that; it also has a consciousness. This energy that we are has an awareness, it accumulates information and is on a “quest” to learn and expand as much as our

Dublin-based energy healer and Hay House author Abby Wynne explains what we mean by the term 'energy healing'

Qu'est-ce que le #Reiki?

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"Reiki é a Energia de Cura Universal Quântica transmitida por meio de imposição de mãos nos chacras ou centros magnéticos e à distância, envolvendo a aura do indivíduo na cura integral e localizada.   Reiki é uma palavra de origem japonesa composta por duas sílabas:  Rei - força cósmica  Ki - energia vital (presente em tudo o que é vivo)."

How to lose weight with Reiki: Draw Cho Ku Rei on foot chakras and give Reiki using the affirmation “I release my body weight with every step I take”. Do it every time you leave the house, no matter where you go.


{Crown Chakra Affirmation}: "My life is divinely guided and I am always going in the best direction. I am open to receive the limitless abundance of the universe. The universal healing energy surges and pulses through me. I understand!

Quartz Point Reiki symbol Stones <3

engraved Reiki Symbols on All Natural Quartz Points - Reiki Stones© -The Original Reiki Symbol Stones! Quartz promotes determination, self-control, and strength of will. It is associate