Quit the job that makes you unhappy. Leave relationship that's draining you. Excommunicate all those who don't elevate you.

Gonna remember this to tell my daughter In a few years

Dear Girls, dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. Yes you'll get attentions, but mostly from pigs ~ Sincerely, Real Men






There Are Two Kinds Of People: Do You Recognize Yourself?

There are seven billion people live on the planet Earth. Each of them has their views, believes and preferences. According to Zomato there are only two types of people.

Seal - "Miracles will happen as we speak, but we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy"

- A song I like from a singer that is bald. "Crazy" by Seal, because he's bald and I like this song a lot.

This guy built an 'In case of/break glass' box gift for his airplane mechanic

This guy built an & case of/break glass& box gift for his airplane mechanic

Image result for Fuck the world and never tell them I love you.

i swear i dont know how i convineced my self to go. really its fkng first time im begging em