A booth in the kitchen! How cozy!

Built-in Booth with Storage Drawers This cozy set up is perfect for breakfast and cleverly provides space for storage below. It reminds me of the built-in breakfast nook at my husband's grandmother's house.



Oh how I wish vintage stoves had windows in their oven doors.then this would be my dream stove/oven. Not in green of course, still not sure what color will look good with the yellow paint I have selected for the kitchen, but I'd probably get m

Change flowers in kitchen to evergreens. Love the toile dish towel. Wonder if I could find some in blue or green for my kitchen.

Red Toile Change flowers in kitchen to evergreens. Herbs in window Love the toile dish towel. Wonder if I could find some in blue or green for my kitchen.

I like this, but mostly i think it is the color scheme that grabs me. And the nice lighting. And the framed print. The layout not so much.

35 idées pour aménager une petite cuisine

Wow - this is a surprise, I like this condo kitchen! Small but perfect for this beach front condo kitchen- designed by Kristin Peake Interiors

Wonderful country kitchen!

I kind of like the idea of the laundry room being right by a door; that way you can hang stuff to dry on the door or easily take your laundry out to the line. The Dutch door is cute and functional.

lovely vintage kitchen

The English country kitchens are no exception. Nothing feels quite like cozy and warm English country kitchens. Because they are composed of eclectic ideas, kitchens with this theme become an extension of your style.

This is amazing! Woodstove turned electric range

Decorating with Texan Antiques

Alphabet shadow box how-to.

How To Make an Alphabet Shadow Box

This would b SO cute for a nursery or kids room! Alphabet Shadow Box with Martha Stewart Glass Paint

House of Turquoise: Christine Markatos Design

House of Turquoise: Christine Markatos Design. Lantern as chandelier. A Room With A View.Home Sweet Home,Cool Kitchens,Dreamy kitchens,interior design style,ki


Elmira, Canada – The warmth and charm to enhance any country, century or Victorian kitchen is the hallmark of the Elmira Stove Works’ antique-style appliances. With careful attention to vintage des.