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the water is blue and clear in this rocky area
Seitan Limania #chania #crete
the beach is full of people and boats on it's shore, surrounded by green trees
The Best Beaches In Europe
Voutoumi, Antipaxos Island (Ionian), Greece
an alleyway with tables and chairs lined up
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Alley in Ioannina City, Epirus, Greece
there is a boat that is in the water next to some rocks and houses on the shore
How beautiful is this picture of Parga, Greece!? Definitely the number 1 place I look forward to visiting! #travel
an alley way with tables and flowers on the windows
Beautiful alley restaurant, Crete, Greece
two men in hats are walking down the street with baskets on their heads and one man is wearing a brown shirt
Incredible Hospitality - Crete
Tourism campaign of the island of Crete 2013 Director Theo Papadoulakis Scriptwriter Panagiotis Papoutsakis DoP Kostas Nikolopoulos Edited by Allan Michael Visit official Crete's tourism portal www.incrediblecrete.gr www.twitter.com/incrediblecrete www.facebook.com/incrediblecrete www.scoop.it/t/incrediblecrete Directed by Theo Papadoulakis, IndigoView Productions Edited by Allan Michael www.indigoview.com
two men sitting at a table with a map on it and one man holding a wine glass
All the world on one island - Crete
Directed by Theo Papadoulakis DoP Kostas Nikolopoulos Editors Theo Papadoulakis, Allan Michael, George Pada Promotional film for the island of Crete 2013 Crete offers a huge variety of filming locations: snowy mountains, unspoiled beaches, Venetian ports and ancient monuments.