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Conan O'brien by icantreed


Baklava (Ottoman Turkish: باقلوا) is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syru.

We are expecting you

A crowd-funded campaign is placing a giant billboard in Times Square Friday, urging tourists to visit Greece. The billboard, which is designed to highlight Greece's beauty, was organized by volunteer group

Palm Trees in Ventura

Photo of Palm Trees at Dusk in Ventura, California

Ventura Pier

The stones, the water and the sky break up the horizontal thirds clearly again here. The pier and clouds lay parallell and this looks effective.


Magouliana --- Summer 2014 and summers previous

Orestiada - North Eastern Greece

Orestiada - North Eastern Greece

Olympic Flame

Oleg Perepechyonov has remarked that he has been asked to return his Olympic bronze medal from the 2004 Athens Games after his samples from eight years ago were retested and showed traces of a funny substance.

Ancient Olympia

"The Olympia Experience" shore excursion from Katakolon Ancient Olympia tour: 6 hour semiprivate participants max.


From the "Prefecture Capitals" issue series). Stamp printed in Greece ,circa